"We outsourced our development and the team says we're just about ready to launch. They've done a great job, but we'd still like a trusted 3rd party to review the code."

By creating software, you've made a significant investment in your business. It might be your core business, something that compliments your business, or an internal tool to enable better business decisions. Whatever the case, do you have a clear understanding of what was built, including it's limitations?

As time goes on, your users may be the ones to discover those limtations, severely affecting your bottom line. Catching problems as early as possible reduces the overall cost of the software and instills confidence that what was built will stand the test of time.

Full-Service Ruby on Rails Code Audits

The team at Velocity Labs has been working with Rails since 2007. This has provided us with many opportunities to review applications created by various freelancers, Rails development companies, and agencies.

As we go through the code, here's what you can expect us to review and provide feedback on:

  • Software Versions Are Up-To-Date For Ruby, Rails, Ruby Gems, and JavaScript Libraries
  • Ensure The Application Can Be Installed And Run Locally
  • Application Follows Rails Best Practices
  • Test Framework Is Used And Tests Provide Ample Coverage; All Tests Pass
  • Application Security Audit
  • Database Concerns Such As Missing Indices, Slow Queries, And Poor Data Modeling

How Much Does It Cost?

Our Ruby on Rails Code Audit service is only $750 and usually takes a few days, depending on the size of the application.

You'll receive a report of our findings along with recommendations for improvement. Additionally, we'll be sure to highlight the good parts of the application!

Alternately, if your application is already in production, you might be more interested in our Ruby on Rails Application Maintenance service, which includes a free code audit.

“I've worked with many product development teams, and I can say definitively that they're one of the best around. Their technical abilities are first class.”

Robert Wallace - @robertawallace

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