"We launched months ago, but afterward, our developer moved on and we failed to maintain our application. Now we're having issues."

Does this sound familiar?

By creating software, you've made a significant investment in your business. It might be your core business, something that compliments your business, or an internal tool to enable better business decisions. Whatever the case, launching is only the beginning. It's the easy part.

As time goes on, users will discover bugs that you weren't aware existed, they'll use the system in ways you didn't intend, and problems will surface. Additionally, the software upon which your system is built will get out of date, exposing your business to security issues that can be exploited and placing your users' information at risk.

Sadly, this is not uncommon. Many web applications live in a state of perpetual abandonment.

You Have Options

You want to keep your web application working for your business, so what do you do?

Have one of your existing employees maintain the application? This is great if you already have developers, but it means shifting their time away from existing projects and deadlines. Most businesses aren't in a position to do this.

Hire a freelancer? Most freelancers are expensive, with low availability, and typically look for larger, more lucrative projects.

Hire a full-time developer? Even if you locate a good developer, is there enough work to keep them busy full time?

Let The Experts Maintain Your Application

Your core business is not web application development, but ours is! We offer a monthly, full-service application maintenance package that includes:

Unlimited Small Tasks

If there are other small (1 hour) tasks that need to be done to make your software work better on behalf of your business, then we'll take care of those.

Security Patches

Chances are, your software is out-of-date, including the software that powers your servers. We'll take stock of your entire infrastructure, get things up-to-date, and periodically revisit to maintain the latest versions.

24/7 Application Monitoring

We use industry proven solutions to monitor the health of your application, to ensure you stay running and trouble free.

Automated Backups

Losing data can be catastrophic to a business. We'll make sure offsite data backups are regularly executed and can be restored.

Error Detection & Mitigation

We'll instrument your application with state-of-the-art error detection software to detect problems as they happen. We'll triage, test, and then fix to ensure the error doesn't happen again.

Load Monitoring

Your web application is only useful if your users can reach it. Without the proper amount of resources allocated to your software, some users can get shut out, unable to reach the site. We'll monitor the load and adjust as necessary.

“The best development studio I have ever used, hands down. The code is clean, scales well, is delivered on time and with style. Highly recommend them!”

Andrew Hyde - @andrewhyde

How Much Does It Cost?

It depends on the size and complexity of your application.

Get in touch to have us put together a quote for your app

“We have had a great relationship! They always finds the most elegant solution, are responsive to questions and concerns, and provides fast turnaround on projects. I highly recommend.”

Linda Ruehlman - @goalistics

Frequently Asked Questions

When you say "small tasks are included", what do you mean by "small tasks"? This would include any dev or ops task that takes an hour or so to complete. We know a big job when we see one and will let you know but in general, we're pretty flexible.

Will you fix any crash/bug that happens? Yep, or at least do our best to try depending on the complexity of the issue!

We have our own developer(s) in-house who are working on the app, is Velocity Labs Maintenance a good fit for us? No, Velocity Lab's Maintenance service is designed for companies that had an outside developer or agency build their app and lack the inhouse expertise to make the most of it.

If I cancel, are the accounts and data you've collected transferrable to me? They sure are! If you decide to move on, we will arrange to have all the accounts transferred to you. This will obviously involve you taking on the billing for the various accounts. If you choose to not continue with the accounts we will, to the best of our ability (and if the services support it), export your data and provide it to you.

Will you sign my NDA? Maybe, we actually have a pretty awesome one ourselves, Mutual Non-Disclosure

Do you have a discount for Non-Profits? Yes, contact us for details.

Can you invoice me instead of having a credit card on file? Yes, but only if you pre-pay for a year.

Will you sign our contract/work-for-hire/IP assignment, etc documents? No, Velocity Lab's Maintenance service is bound by the following Terms & Conditions, which we believe should cover your concerns in terms of who owns what, liability, etc. (If not, please feel free to contact us about the issue you're concerned about.)

Still not sure? Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you quickly to discuss your application. We've helped many companies and are confident we'll be able to help you, too.