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As an entrepreneur and leader, people look to you for the development of your company, it's vision and plan for moving forward. Of course, goal setting is a popular topic this time of year, so I thought I'd share a few approaches to goal setting, including a method for goal setting with agile.

With so many approaches to goal setting, it's important to consider the best approach for you and your business. If you fail to reach your goals, it may be due to which approach you choose. Here are just a few goal setting methods to consider.

Zig Ziglar Goal Setting Formula

Zig Ziglar is a known authority on personal motivation, management and sales training, and of course, goal setting. Here's his formula for goal setting:

  1. State your goal and the benefits for achieving it
  2. Set a deadline for achieving it
  3. Identify the obstacles
  4. Identify resources that can assist you
  5. Identify the skills you need to achieve the goal
  6. Develop a plan

Zig Ziglar Goal Setting Videos

These are great videos to watch if you have some time. Each video is about 4-5 minutes long.

One Minute Manager Approach to Goal Setting

The purpose of the One Minute Manager approach to goal setting is to establish clearly defined goals and expectations between a leader of an organization and the members of that organization. As a manager, establishing the objectives of your employees assures accountability in your organization.

  1. Define and agree upon your goals
  2. Define what positive behavior looks like
  3. Create a list of your goals
  4. Read and re-read your goals
  5. Take time to read your goals each day
  6. Determine if your behavior is in alignment with your goals

The Agile Approach to Goal Setting

We use an agile software development process, but it can also be applied to business and personal matters. To use an agile method for goal setting, you might take this approach.

  1. List all your goals. Yes, ALL of them.
  2. Estimate the effort for each goal. Use the fibonacci sequence for rating: 1,2,3,5,8,13. If a goal has an effort higher than 8, break it down into smaller goals that require less effort
  3. Prioritize each goal
  4. Check in with your goals daily and work on the priorities first
  5. Reassess and re-prioritize whenever you add new goals, gain new information or as needed

This agile method is a great way for prioritizing multiple goals and assuring that you're working on the goals that have the highest value.

Of course, all three goal setting methods have a couple things in common; clearly establishing your goals, and constantly evaluating whether or not your actions are contributing to their achievement. That way you know you're on track to success this New Year.

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