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Let's face it, many people have great ideas… but how many people have the funds required to turn that idea into reality? For those startups and entrepreneurs looking for a little assistance to get going, AZ Disruptors might be just the opportunity you're looking for.

If you have a product, prototype, or idea for licensed software, a web-based application or a smart phone app, AZ Disruptors would like to help you develop it. Or, if you want to be employed by a startup, partner with a startup, invest in a startup, or participate as a mentor or advisor, they'd like to hear from you as well.

The Details

In addition to funding Blogic, and Member Desk last year, AZ Disruptors is looking to fund up to 5 more startups this year.

If you apply, be prepared to move to Phoenix (if you're not already here) to complete the program.

You Give:

  • Four months of your life
  • 10% of your company

You Get:

  • Access to mentors
  • $20,000 cash
  • Office space and furniture
  • Internet access
  • Association with smart people, including other startups who've been where you are

The Deadline

January 13, 2012 is the next deadline to apply for the program.

Application Tips

  • Provide wireframes and/or mockups if you have them
  • Create a prototype that shows the main functionality of your idea
  • Have at least 1 co-founder — 2-3 person teams are ideal

Are You Ready to Get Disruptive?

We think Phoenix is fortunate to have a group like the AZ Disruptors working to fund startup ideas. If you're ready, apply for their January 13, 2012 deadline by filling out the AZ Disruptor incubator application!

If you want more information, here's a video presentation by AZ Disruptors, outlining their incubator program. It runs about 6½ minutes and covers all the main points.

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

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