by January 09, 2012

The Startup America Partnership’s mission is to help tens of thousands of America’s top young companies grow and create jobs. They've assembled hundreds of partners and leaders across the United States focused on delivering knowledge, services, talent, customer relationships and access to capital to Startup America Firms.

It's free to become a Startup America Firm, which provides you with the opportunity to:

  1. Access Tools - With their free Growth Kit, startups can access over 50 Partner Offers worth over $1.2 billion from companies like American Express, Dell, Intuit and Microsoft, with more being added weekly.

  2. Join the Community - Startups will get connected with other entrepreneurs to share notes, compare war stories, collaborate and learn from each other. They currently have, both online and offline, an actively engaged community of potential high-growth startups across the country.

  3. Gain Exposure - Startup America provides startups an opportunity to highlight their company across the Startup America website, promoted guest blog posts and official Startup America seals for their website and social media.

Sign up for free and become a Startup America Partner to access the resources and participate in the community.

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

Managing Partner

Startup junkie, Rubyist and gamer. Loves to brainstorm about new ideas.

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