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We recently attended the 2012 ASU Startup Summit and were fortunate enough to have an excellent seat for recording the pitches. There were some really interesting pitches this year so, if you missed it, check out the companies and their funding pitches below.

List of Funding Pitches at the 2012 ASU Startup Summit

We realize you may not want to watch all 15 funding pitch videos, so just click on the one you're interested in below, and it will take you to the video of the company doing their funding pitch. Or watch all the funding pitch videos. Just know there are about 2.5 hours of video here; each one is about 10 minutes.

ReNature Arizona Pro DJs Bright Evolutions
Baby Cate Mercury Innovative Bridge Communities
Arbsource Ellens Technologies Bebe EcoPosh
Seymour Enterprises BlueDream KVZ Sports
G3Box eEcosphere Vantage Realized


reNature is a Phoenix startup that industrializes the natural processes of decomposition to provide sustainable alternatives to land filling food waste while simultaneously creating alternatives to petrochemical based agricultural products.

Arizona Pro DJs

AZ Pro DJs offers entertainment services including lights, sound and DJ services.

Bright Evolutions

Bright Evolutions pitches their healthy, flying food app.

Baby Cate

Baby Cate, also known as Simple Swaddle, pitches their custom baby swaddling blankets.

Mercury Innovative

Mercury Innovative creates, tests, and offers unique language analysis and language arts software.

Bridge Communities

Bridge Communities pitches for their online community for baby boomers.


Arbsource pitches for funding for their ARBCell biological reactor system, which can cut the cost of wastewater treatment for many food and beverage manufacturing companies by 50% or more through reduced energy consumption and maintenance.

Ellens Technologies

Ellens Technologies pitches their veterinarian app.

Bebe EcoPosh

Bebe EcoPosh pitches for funding for their green luxury e-boutique for baby.

Seymour Enterprises

Seymour Enterprises pitches for funding for their biomedical firm which is designing a low cost respiratory monitor designed for infants at elevated risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


BlueDream pitches for funding for their one-stop production facility which provides branding, production and marketing.

KVZ Sports

KVZ Sports pitches for funding:


G3Box provides engineering design and manufacturing towards the conversion of steel shipping containers into low-cost, modular, and mobile medical clinics.


eEcosphere pitches their social came for sustainability.

Vantage Realized

Vantage Realized provides products for people with disabilities.

Read more about ASU Student Ventures.

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