by April 30, 2018

You've spent time and money developing your application, but do you know what was actually developed?

By creating software, you've made a significant investment in your business. It might be your core business, something that compliments your business, or an internal tool to enable better business decisions. Whatever the case, do you have a clear understanding of what was built, including it's limitations?

As time goes on, your users may be the ones to discover those limtations, severely affecting your bottom line. Catching problems as early as possible reduces the overall cost of the software and instills confidence that what was built will stand the test of time.

What Are We Looking For?

As we review your code, we're looking for a few things:

  • Up-to-date versions of your programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. When you fall behind on versions, you miss security updates, bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Platform infrastructure. Your application is only as secure as your infrastructure. We'll look at the current versions of your server's OS and applications.
  • Robust test suite. Having a thorough suite of tests means that new bugs are less likely to appear and ensures old bugs are not going to reappear.
  • Best practices. Did your previous developers use industry best practices when developing your software? Best practices means that your software is more maintainable and less likely to have bugs.
  • Application security. We'll audit your application's security to identify known security vulnerabilities.

If you're ready to get started with a code review, contact us.

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

Managing Partner

Startup junkie, Rubyist and gamer. Loves to brainstorm about new ideas.

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