by May 07, 2018

The story workshop gathered the high-level requirements for the project and placed them in Trello as story cards. Now it's time to implement that functionality.

Project Kickoff

At the beginning of the first week-long iteration, we'll schedule a kickoff meeting, the first planning meeting for the project. At this planning meeting, we'll discuss the stories for the week. Each iteration will start with a planning meeting, but the first one is slightly different than others.

If you have an existing project, then we'll be gathering credentials, gaining access to servers and 3rd party APIs, and setting up a staging server, if needed.

For green-field projects, we'll be creating the initial application, setting up the code repository, creating the staging server, making our first commits, and first deployments.

In either case, we'll also be grabbing the first few story cards and working on them.

Staging & Review

The staging server is where you'll go to verify the work done on a story card. During the first week, you can expect us to deploy to staging often. Most likely, we'll deploy something the first day. And when we do, we'll let you know that it's ready for your review.

Daily Standups

Each day of the week, we'll have a short meeting called a daily standup. This is our chance to ask you questions about a card we're working on, one we're about to pick up, or to bring up problems that we've encountered.

It's also your chance to ask us questions, get a status update, clarify information about a story card, or make a change.

End-of-week Demo

At the end of the week, we'll have deployed many times to staging, and you will have verified some of the functionality already. The end-of-week demo is our chance to walk through what we've accomplished during the week and get sign off on the story cards we feel are complete.

If there are any small changes to be made for a particular story card, we'll make those after the demo. Larger changes will either push the card back, and it will get rolled into the next iteration, or we may be able to create a separate card for those.


In general, this is how we'll proceed each week, and after a few weeks, it will become second nature. If you're ready to get started contact us!

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

Managing Partner

Startup junkie, Rubyist and gamer. Loves to brainstorm about new ideas.

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