by June 11, 2018

We are often approached by non-technical founders looking for a development team to create their idea. We also encounter businesses experiencing limitations in their current workflow, and looking for a solution.

Whatever your case may be, let our experience guide your project to success.

  1. We'll schedule an initial phone meeting with you to discuss your project and expectations. Read more about what to expect in our initial meeting.
  2. In order to accurately estimate the amount of work required, we conduct a story workshop. In this workshop, we'll gather the high-level requirements of your project. We will then use those requirements to provide a proposal and estimate.
  3. Once we've agreed on the scope of the project and the budget, we'll get started. Find out what a typical first week of development looks like.
  4. Each day, you'll see progress on your project. We believe that transparency and communication are the keys to a successful project. We won't be working in a vacuum and you'll typically hear from us every day.
  5. As the project begins to wind down, you may want to enter a maintenance phase. We also offer continued monitoring and small changes through our maintenance package.

Whether you're in need of a new team, or just need to supplement your existing team, we have the experience to take on your project. Contact us today!

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

Managing Partner

Startup junkie, Rubyist and gamer. Loves to brainstorm about new ideas.

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