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Here at Velocity Labs, we live for helping our clients create amazing software to start or grow their business.

Our developers have been creating software professionally since 2001 and we've learned a few things over the years. These lessons have become some of our core values, part of what sets us apart from the competition, and why we made the list of top web development companies in Phoenix.

Communicate Early and Often

Many software projects that fail, do so because of communication issues. We're not the type of company to disappear for months, only to show up with some software that doesn't meet your needs. Sadly, this happens more than you might think.

We highly value communication and want to speak with you every day if possible. There should never be a time when you don't know what we're working on, what progress has been made, or what roadblocks we've encountered.

Always Be Learning

Velocity Labs at RailsConf 2017,

Technology changes quickly, and we need to be able to keep up with the latest in our field. To accomplish that, we keep ourselves up-to-date on the latest developments in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript.

Additionally, we learn new techniques and software patterns, so we can develop highly maintainable and robust code.

Our clients can rest assured they're taken care of from a technical standpoint. Jason Adams, the co-founder of Tap Inspect, had this to say

[They] were great at introducing us to new topics and approaches that left us as better engineers ourselves.

Stay Flexible and Adjust Based on the Needs of Your Customers

Our solution was developed and launched early and efficiently. The final result was very popular with our end users. - Valley Metro

Part of our development process includes getting a minimum viable product in the hands of users as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to gain feedback from your customers, the more likely it is you're concentrating on the wrong functionality.

We encourage all of our clients to launch with the simplest product that provides value. After that, it's a continuous customer feedback loop that drives the development process.

Need More Proof?

Our reviews, along with our portfolio give potential partners a great idea of our capabilities and what it is like to work with us.

Our first reviews have been outstanding, and we’ve already jumped to the top of the first page of Web Developers in Phoenix directory. With a few more reviews, we’re hoping to be number one on this directory and some of their other Phoenix directories.

Before we get back to working for our clients, we encourage businesses that are thinking about working with us to view our Clutch profile and read what clients say about Velocity Labs. We also encourage our current and past clients to leave a review for us. Now, back to developing!

Velocity Labs at RailsConf 2017

Curtis Miller

Curtis Miller

Managing Partner

Startup junkie, Rubyist and gamer. Loves to brainstorm about new ideas.

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